Full Frame Offensive

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Re: "Full-Frame Envy"

Doctor Lecter wrote:

Look, I was just trying to make a point that it's sort of ridiculous to equate "pro" with Full-Frame. And yeah, I get it: it's Craigslist. No big deal.

Of course there are advantages to Full-Frame, but it's also just a gimmick. We all know that the 35mm film size was a total accident. Olympus was onto something back when they came up w/ 4/3... designed from the ground-up for digital. No reliance on an arbitrary "35mm" size. But nowadays, everyone thinks that a D800 is going to make them Ansel Adams or something.

Jeez. I just wanted some thoughts on the matter, and what I get is mostly, "shut up, get over it, why are your panties in a knot?"

I've learned my lesson. Internet forums are 50% cool people and 50% weirdos who get off on posting "witty" retorts.

And I get the distinct impression that there are some bitter Olympus folks here who suffer from "Full-Frame Envy." Not me. I still dig my Olympus gear.

As Freud said, "sometimes a camera is just a camera..."

Actually, there was nothing arbitrary about choosing 35mm film size. The first commercially viable DSLR was built on a Nikon F3 body with a Kodak digital sensor back. It had to be tethered to a processing unit/hard drive and cost in the neighborhood of $25,000.  It was easier to introduce digital this way because of the existing bodies and lenses. No accident at all: it was a matter of recognizing that new technology had to mesh with existing gear to gain a foothold. While Sony's Mavica predated the Kodak/Nikon dslr, it failed to catch on because it relied on all new gear, rather than legacy glass.

APS-C was the solution for the demand for lower cost sensors that could still use current lenses.

Kodak initially led the way in "FF" digital slrs as far as product innovation was concerned, with their line of dslrs continuing to use Nikon mount. They were good cameras that didn't catch on mostly because no one took a camera seriously that said "Kodak" on it. A shame, because those early Kodak "pro" dslr sensors had wonderful color rendition and tonality.

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