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Think twice about the Sigma 18-35 + D700

My choice so far is an used D700 (seems to be a great camera and the FF should help a lot with low light and DoF).

For the lens, I've heard wonderful things about the new Sigma 18-35MM 1.8 DC HSM.

As someone else has already pointed out, the Sigma 18-35 isn't designed to cover full frame.

That said, nothing's stopping you from trying. You can turn off auto DX crop, and shoot with the entire sensor even with a DX lens mounted. I don't know how the Sigma 18-35 behaves on full frame. But typically with DX zooms on full frame, you can expect plenty of vignetting (dark corners) and increasingly poor image quality as you get closer to the borders/corners. At the wide end of the zoom, the corners will likely be completely dark. It might be somewhat "normal" at the long end though.

If you want less of a roller coaster in terms of image quality, the Tamron 28-75/2.8 isn't too highly priced and should offer about the same low light performance on FX as the Sigma 18-35/1.8 on DX (since FX is usually at least a stop better at high ISOs).

To get a bit more versatility, I could also get one of the cheap 50MM 1.8 or the 90MM.

50/1.8 - I've heard great things about that lens.

Which 90mm are you referring to? The Tamron 90mm macro?

Any thoughts?? Good selection?? Do you have a better idea??

You can also consider a used D600 (prices way down because of the dust issues and D610s hitting the market). You'll get better resolution and somewhat better low light performance, at the expense of having less AF area coverage and not being able to hit 8 fps with a battery grip. The D600 also gives you dual card slots and video capability.

With regards to lenses.....I am very fond of telephoto lenses (takes too long to get good wideangle images because I have to wait for distractions to clear - telephotos let me isolate things and cut out/blur out anything I don't care for). If you don't care about slow autofocus, the first generation Nikon 80-200/2.8 seems like a great deal (http://www.keh.com/camera/Nikon-Autofocus-Zoom-Lenses/1/sku-NA07999029426N?r=FE under $300 on KEH). Modern f/2.8 zooms in that range can cost over $2000.

Combine the 80-200 and 28-75, and you have a very wide focal length covered with a relatively fast f/2.8 aperture.

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