What are your experiences with V1 or V2 as a main travel cam?

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Re: What are your experiences with V1 or V2 as a main travel cam?

I have had two trips with my V2. One was to Hawaii when it was the only camera. The second trip was to India with the V2 and my D800 which gave some interesting comparison.

I love my V2. Light, easy to use with quite a bit of control and terrific focus ability. The one weakness I find is that images are not crisp out of the camera. I shoot raw. They remind me of the way Nikon treated images in the old days. Preserve image information at all costs even if a bit soft. So for me they all have to be made sharper and that brings out the digital noise which has to be dealt with. That said, on my India trip where I alternated cameras it is very difficult to distinguish between the two cameras from the images. The V2 images just took a little more work and they are both being displayed at reduced resolution on a computer or iPad.

The other thing is that you have to be very careful with composition. Not many pixels to be throwing any away.

Some of my museum shots in Hawaii were pretty awful even with noise correction.

I picked up a D3300 and thought that this is a light little travel cam with a beautiful 24MP sensor for not much money. It felt weightless.

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