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I am a gear head when it comes to bodies ever since I got my D40. I have seriously soured on any new addition since my J1/D4/D600 experience. The most disappointing was the J1, but even after that got a nice used v1 for a specific one time shooting reason. I have come to enjoy and use this camera as my go to travel and first choice when my iphone doesn't suffice enough so that I am close to wanting another, one with the 6.7 zoom and another with either a tele or the ft and a fx prime. What is there not to like for a $200 buck body with what it gives me

V3 things that hold me back
1) $$$$

It's cheaper than upgrading to a D7100 from a D7000.

2) battery

You get a new battery with the camera. If you need two you can get a spare for just $50.

3) strange mix of features for $$$$ that proved me wih no incremental value propsition

How is it a strange mix of features? It's just like the J series, except it comes with a fold-out screen and a removable viewfinder. If you mean the micro-SD card . . . ($17 for a really fast 16 GB micro-SD card)


Things that might get me to leap at the current price
Give me real two stop ISO improvement

Not going to happen. They have increased the resolution to Canon 7 D range, rather than increasing high-ISO performance, because everyone expects these cameras to have bad high-ISO performance anyway. They will NEVER get over that perception. I frankly was surprised at how good the high-ISO performance is from the J1. I see the 14 MP sensor is a little noisier, but it looks like they have brought the new sensor back down to where the original 10 MP sensor is. That's not bad. The next sensor will probably be 20 or 24 megapixels. If it's only 20 MP it will probably give you a 1-stop improvement (same noise at ISO 1600 that it gives today at ISO 800). I predict that people who want to shoot at night a lot will not buy this camera . . . period. I think Nikon knows that, so they aren't trying to improve the high-ISO performance very much.

Continuous focus all points with ft1

Other stuff all nice and tolerable for a body selling at 500 new

I expect this to be a low volume product

As with all technology the V3 will eventually be available brand new for about half what it is today, at introduction. It might not include the viewfinder, grip, and lens, but it will eventually go on sale . . . some time next year maybe, when they launch the V4.

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