Sigma 50mm f1.4 Art and bokeh (new pics 4/11/2014)

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Re: Sigma 50mm f1.4 Art and bokeh (new pics 4/11/2014)

fad wrote:

I found this thread very useful. But it has made me less likely to buy the Sigma Art.

My need is for night street photography. I bought the 50/1.8D for size and weight, but the rendering of the 50/1.8G is so much better that I use that lens now and am happy with the results, despite the larger size.

This thread has reinforced my respect for the 58G, but I'm in no hurry to get it at the moment.

I bought the Otus, despite having no earthly use for it (well, just a little actually) because I wanted to have the experience of using such a refined lens. Sigma took a gamble in comparing the Art to the Otus. They may be close enough in some ways, such as resolution and micro-contrast. But what I've seen of the the Art just reinforces how the Otus is different from other lenses. It's color registration is perfect. The stability of color during processing is impressive. It is simultaneously unprecedented in its sharpness and in its smoothness. It's IQ is excellent both wide open and at f16, so IQ plays no role in deciding on a f stop. A nasty cold has kept me from focusing on its ability to handle specular highlights and light sources, but I suspect that is another exceptional strength of the lens. I look forward to using it to make night streetscapes.

The Sigma seems to be another lens of the kind we are used to, but optimized for resolution. The Otus is ridiculously impractical for most purposes, but it combines so many different forms of excellence, all of which can work together to give extraordinary renderings, that do no look like other lenses. So Sigma has given itself a powerful talking point among less discerning users, but at the expense of showing how (as is natural at its price point) it falls short of the Otus in many other ways.

I bet you couldn't tell photos apart shot w either one. Except one is an ubber expensive manual focus lens and the other is actually useful and far cheaper.

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