Is the Panasonic 14-45 the best "kit" zoom?

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Re: There's only one’s the panny 12-35! :)

Lens wars!

Guy Parsons wrote:

As for primes, in some other threads I mentioned trying the 45mm and 75mm in extremely low light and the darn things had awful problems auto focusing, swapped back to the 12-40mm and it snapped to AF every time, no hunting at all. Weird but it's what happened to me, and a couple of E-M5 people have also found the same weirdness. \

I have had the same with the otherwise delightful f1.8 45 on the E-PL3. The Panny f2.5 14 snapped into focus in a nanosecond. I put it down, in my case, to the fact that the 14 has lots of edges to work with; the 45 did not.

That totally removed any slight remaining prime lust for me.

But not primal lust, one hopes. LOL.

My choice is the Panny 12-35 for exactly the same reasons as Guy chooses the Oly 12-40, except in my case, I have gone with the G6 body. I love that fully articulated screen.

I do agree, however, that there are times when the kit is overly chunky and eaven (gasp!) a touch heavier than I want to deal with. Then I reach for my GM1 with the 12-32, or more and more frequently, swap the 12-32 onto the G6. The GM1 which is still a handy thing to have but is getting a lot less work since I found how small and handy the G6 with 12-32 is as a walk-around outfit.

I find the constant plaints of the primophiliacs a touch irritating from time to time. Sure, back in the day, the 1970s, I eschewed zooms and my professional kit was two OM1 cameras, and the 21, 28, 85, and 200 prime lenses -- all wonderfully sharp and matched for color rendering (yes, we had to check that in those olden days!).

Today I need just one camera and a couple of zooms. Swapping primes was a necessity in the 1970s, the zooms were woeful, but today the zooms have caught up and made the need for prime swapping history. Except for the Oly f1.8 45. But then, I use it almost entirely for set-up situations where rapid lens changes are not called for and the enviromnment is not dusty and/or wet and/or otherwise challenging.

Cheers, geoff

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