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auto ISO?

Full manual requires you set the ISO also. If you are using auto ISO you are not really in manual. If you select both aperture and shutter speed, the EC dial does nothing and if you are still in auto ISO the camera will still adjust exposure (via ISO) but you you can't tweak it with the EC dial. If you are in true manual (select ISO, Shutter and Aperture) the finder will show you what you are getting. Selecting Aperture and Shutter but NOT ISO is the worst way do it on Fuji cameras. You will have no exposure control adjustment and have to accept what the camera gives you. On some other camera brands you can use the EC dial while using auto ISO (in manual shutter/aperture) and hopefully Fuji will fix this someday.

The meter works in manual. In full manual the EC indicator in the viewfinder shows what the camera thinks is over or underexposure. But you don't really need to use it as you can see the actual exposure (WYSIWYG).

If you leave auto ISO on you can adjust shutter and aperture but the exposure won't change because the camera will adjust the ISO to compensate.

In true full manual if you adjust aperture, shutter, or ISO, you will see it in the finder (brighter or darker). And also the histogram is most accurate in manual. I don't use the histogram in any other mode.

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