Here is a Canon 6D Guide for Landscapes. :)

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Thank you. But one question

I've been using Canon DSLRs since the 300D and I learned things I didn't know from your guide. And I understood your point: If you shoot landscapes and if you use a 6D, then here is some information that may be useful to you.

I was confused about one thing in your guide, though. In the section about using the RGB histogram, you say

One drawback of the RGB Histogram is that the graphs are calculated based on the JPG image and not the actual RAW file itself. Much of the data is lost after a JPG conversion, so it is important to make sure that the loss is as minimal as possible. This can be accomplished by setting the Shot Settings to custom values. By fully reducing the contrast, more of the RGB Histogram values will be saved from the RAW file when it is converted to the JPG compressed format. To set the Shot Settings, go to Menu>Picture Style. In Picture Style, select Neutral and then hit the INFO button. In the Detail set. menu, set Contrast to -4. While also here it wouldn't hurt to also set Sharpness to 5 and Saturation to +2.

I shoot RAW 100% and I know that the histogram is calculated from how the camera is set to produce JPGs (even if you aren't shooting JPGs) and may or may not match the data that is in the RAW file My understanding was that one of the best ways to make the histogram better match the RAW data is to reduce the contrast, sharpening and saturation settings. If you increase sharpening and saturation (as you recommend), you are making the histogram be more inaccurate (about the RAW data.)

i.e., the contrast, sharpening and saturation settings do not affect the data that is saved in the raw file at all, but they do affect the accuracy of the histogram (and the appearance of the image that is displayed on the LCD. But the image on the LCD doesn't reflect what is in the RAW data.)

This was described in an article on Luminous Landscape. But it isn't clear if you are shooting RAW or if you are shooting JPG. Or if you were writing about the same thing that that the LL article is talking about.

Other than this quibble, great job.


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