V3 vs V1

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Re: Many things about the V3 sound good...but....

I like many things about the V3. The fold out screen I really miss from my NEX cameras.

I'm sure the EVF will be good but it should be built in!

The sensor and overall speed and responsiveness I'm sure will be very good too.

Micro SD and yet another battery - Pffft! But its not a deal breaker.

WIFI and video don't bother me either way.

By the way I miss-type V3 quite often and type V£ for some reason..... £££££'s - oh yes- price!

The battery is no problem if you own the AW1, same battery, I have several. The removable EVF on my RX1 stays on all the time using a thin elastic band to take up the connection slack, no big deal, great EVF, will do something similar with the V3. Would like the SD card to be the same but thats life. AS far as price, I paid the original price on the V1 way back, thats life. Now my $60,000 truck, well that dropped several thousand the day I drove it off the lot, guess thats life also.The V3 not so expensive now !      WC

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