Thom finally resurfaces, with comments sure to be controversial, at least here ...

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Re: We're getting closer ...

photoreddi wrote:

Clayton1985 wrote:


I don't disagree with the AF on the D7100 (I had a D7000). I think the point he was trying to make was that even top-end DSLRs have hit a platow in the past few years. Image the face detect from the Olympus E-M1 combined with the AF speed an accuracy of a Nikon D4. That would be pretty neat and I think it is what he is implying. You may or may not agree but I think that was his point, not just that mirrorless needs to improve. That's all I'm trying to say.

I agree that AF improvements would be welcome even in the DSLR world but where I disagree is that those improvements are more in demand than other improvements (sensor or otherwise).

You would say that if you were familiar with the interminable number of long, heated threads in the Nikon Pro DX forum, full of complaints about the long overdue replacement for the near ancient D300/D300s. Faster AF, more accurate AF, and larger buffers are all desired and enough are convinced that the long awaited D400 isn't even in the works that some are no longer willing to wait and have switched brands. They take issue with Nikon's calling the D7100 the new DX flagship camera when it lacks the performance controls found not only on the D3s and D4 full frame models, but also on the old D300. They'd like a better sensor, sure, but would be perfectly satisfied with the the image quality of the D7000 or D7100 if the D400 had the higher write bandwidth that the new Expeed4 provides. They aren't even demanding faster frame rates than the D300s, just enough buffer memory so it doesn't slow down to the "buffer full" rate too soon, like the D7100 does.

Well I shot Nikon for quite a few years including the D7000 so I'm definitely familiar with the discussions about the D300s vs D7000.   I haven't followed it as much lately though.   But IMO D300s users really weren't asking for better AF...   they were/are asking for D300s body/AF with better sensor tech - and perhaps incremental AF improvements.   So it isn't demand for AF improvements over what is already available today which is what Thom seems to be saying.


But I do think that AF improvements are the highest priority in the mirrorless world. So that is what I took from Thom's article even though he presented it as being about all systems. Others may see it differently.

I didn't really disagree with what you took from Thom's article, but it seems to have shifted slightly. I did disagree with the way you previously made it seem, which was that the article was only about AF improvements being the needed by the mirrorless world.

Fair enough.   In hindsight I should have worded my original reply better.

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