NEX 7 vs A6000

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Re: NEX 7 vs A6000

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Sony says the A6000 is the NEX 7 replacement. At a cheaper price they made the NEX-7 obsolete. I was at the Sony store the other day and there was no NEX-7's in sight.

I shouldn't repeat myself, but just because Sony says the a6k is the NEX7 replacement, many or most of us NEX7 users know differently. Don't get me wrong, the a6k is a fine camera and a great value. But again, a lot of NEX7 users don't want the EVF, fiber body, lack of Tri-Navi, etc. less than what we now have. We're waiting for Sony to make its next move in our direction whatever name they want to call the actual 7 replacement. But we are waiting for a fairly priced camera in relation to how Sony priced the a6k, but to include the costs of a full quality renovation.

Do any current NEX-7 users agree with me, or have you just bit the a6k bullet?

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I'm a Nex 7 owner and I'm up on the air on this.  I like the 7 a lot, but I would like faster AF, and I would like better higher ISO, which the 6000 apparently has.  I also like the idea of being able to turn off continuous AF, especially since my go-to lens is a Touit 32.  Finally I'm torn between the Tri-Nav and the greater customization of the 6k.  I have ordered a 6k, and I'm debating whether to wait until it comes and make a hands-on comparison, with the possibility of sending it back, or to cancel my order.

BTW I downloaded some RAW files from Imaging-Resource, ran them through LR5.4, and the 6000 loses nothing in IQ.  If anything it comes out slightly ahead.


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