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Re: microSDHC UHS-I cards

I would put the lens on ebay to help offset the cost. I already have a 10-30. I'll bet the ebay price is over $200.  I'm seriously considering this camera. For all the negative I hear about it, the simple fact that I can walk around with two primes and tow zooms, and barely notice I'm carrying anything is a huge plus.

that, and the lenses seem to be good quality and priced within reason. Im  still thinking about it. We will see.  I think it looks like a great camera.  --

Don't expect kit lenses to have huge demand on eBay but you can hope for the best.

I agree two nikon 1 with lenses is far lighter and more flexible thang DX or FX combo and good enough for most including me.

It will be interesting to see what the smarphone companies with their yearly technology cadenc and huge volumes can do. Just like PC volumes did to the mini and how the phone chips are doing to the PC. Volumes can bring serious technology to bear to negate advantages that low volume highly engineered solutions provide

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