Is the Panasonic 14-45 the best "kit" zoom?

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Guy Parsons
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Re: There's only one lens...

superstar905 wrote:

Guy your enthusiasm for the 12-40 lens is obvious but to say it makes primes look silly is kinda funny. Rather that massive lens on the epl5 is what looks silly.

Not at all, the lens chunkiness is quite handsome.... just like me....

The "look silly" comment was more to do with functionality and not with appearance. When travelling some photo opportunities only last a few seconds, so the zoom makes that easy to cope with. Selecting and swapping primes is not for travel, more for studio or careful slow field work.

As for size the two zooms that I use easily fit in a small snoot bag, or in a small camera bag if I want to carry all the usual bits and pieces. Size is definitely not a problem.

My light kit for the Pen Lite.

As for primes, in some other threads I mentioned trying the 45mm and 75mm in extremely low light and the darn things had awful problems auto focusing, swapped back to the 12-40mm and it snapped to AF every time, no hunting at all. Weird but it's what happened to me, and a couple of E-M5 people have also found the same weirdness. That totally removed any slight remaining prime lust for me.

Regards...... Guy

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