Very simple D3 questions

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Re: Very simple D3 questions

Douglas K Fejer wrote:

1.How long can I expect my D3 to last. It currently has 130,000 clicks.

I saw one the other day with 190,000 on the current shutter, which was installed when the original shutter hit 170,000.  I think the replacement was mostly because the owner was in a position where he couldn't afford to have a shutter go TU during an assignment.

2. I just noticed my firmware is old. I upgraded it. Will I notice a difference with the new 80-400 vr? I was going to send the camera in for service after this weekend because the images just seem to be a little off.

I wouldn't think so.

3. What exactly does Nikon do if I send the camera in for cleaning, etc.

Not sure exactly what items are cleaned, but at best guess I would expect CLA would include at the very least sensor, mirror box, and focusing screen.

If I think the focusing is off, will they do anything to correct it?

If you make some images demonstrating the focus problem they may be able to make an adjustment.  The better guidance you can provide the better off your are.  Unless you have some obvious problem they may respond that it is "in spec".

Many thanks.

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Doug Fejer,
Dallas, TX

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