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Is the D4 that much better? I think not...

Clayton1985 wrote:

He says that it is about all systems but he provides nothing to substantiate this in the DSLR world. Nikon already offers several other DSLRs with better AF so if you want better than the D7100 then problem solved... buy something else. Unless you are trying to tell me that a majority of people buying the D7100, X-T1, E-M1 are still not going to be satisfied with AF on par with the Nikon D4 which I find laughable. The only valid point in his article is that mirrorless AF needs to improve regardless of Thom trying to make it appear otherwise. How do I make that any plainer?

Quite plain enough all ready however you missed his point. There isn't a dSLR made today that can auto focus substantially better than the cameras made a generation or two ago. I'd ask if the D4 is significantly better than say the D3s? Or the D3? Or the D800 or D700? Or, for that matter, the D2 series? The auto focus improvements have been minor at best and, in some things, possibly a step backwards in other areas. (Like coverage area of the D2H versus the D4.)

Simply because he chose the D7100 as his dSLR wasn't the point. If the autofocus of the D4 was that much better than that DX camera, it would have gotten into his bag. However, the D4 has the same issues as the rest of the current crop of dSLR's. It's still is only marginally better than the previous two generations. If the camera companies made it a priority, I think we would see much bigger improvements than we've seen in the last few years.

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