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Re: It s all about price, size, mass and AF speed/accuracy (PASM)

ThachLy wrote:

I agree with Thom's conclusion. I also like it when he kept refering to the lenses is part of the whole, not just cam body.

To me the real differentiation is PASM ( i m not referring to shooting modes, its Price/ AF / Size / Mass).

All other items have either been equalised across different brands or are of secondary important: dynamic range, low noise at hi ISO, OVF/ EVF, Wifi, ergonomics, skin tones, OIS, etc. Most cam of reasonble price are good enough for a very high percentage of time for most people.

If i can also add: while camera technology has vastly improved over the decades, the remaining area that needs more attention is skill of the photographer. This is why Fuji excel. They made cameras that challenge you and involve you in the image making process, compell you to learn and have fun while experimenting, and go online and learn from others in forums like this.

Now you're addressing a topic that's one of Thom's recurring favorites. For many years he's written that for most photographers, spending money on new, better gear often costs more and does much less to improve their photos than reading good books and articles on various topics (composition, etc.) and signing up for workshops where your photos can be critiqued.

Many (but clearly not all) of the photos that are posted in this and other forums could be greatly improved, but most of the comments are like "great photo!" and other bland, uncritical praise known in other forums as "attaboys". That's ok and it fosters camaraderie, but it doesn't do much to help people to improve their photo skills.

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