Thom finally resurfaces, with comments sure to be controversial, at least here ...

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Re: Thom finally resurfaces, with comments sure to be controversial, at least here ...

Clayton1985 wrote:

Yes, I got it. But when you break it down you will see that Nikon already has options for much better focusing systems than the D7100 so it makes zero sense to use that as your DSLR example and Fuji did "focus" on the AF performance and they are getting new customers.

What really needs to happen is the continued improvement with mirrorless AF. The idea that the market in general demands AF performance better than what is already available in the best DSLRs vs improvements in other areas is questionable IMO - especially when you consider the cameras he used to make his point.

Read the reviews for the D7100 and similar DSLRs and the AF will almost 100% of the time be listed as a positive. Nikon already has options for those that place the highest priority on AF. In a nutshell ... Give me the X-T1 with D7100 AF and an improved sensor or an X-T1 with the current sensor and AF that is better than the D7100 and I'll take the former all day long.

I don't disagree with the AF on the D7100 (I had a D7000). I think the point he was trying to make was that even top-end DSLRs have hit a platow in the past few years. Image the face detect from the Olympus E-M1 combined with the AF speed an accuracy of a Nikon D4. That would be pretty neat and I think it is what he is implying. You may or may not agree but I think that was his point, not just that mirrorless needs to improve. That's all I'm trying to say.

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