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Scottelly wrote:

The Nikon V3 weighs 324 grams, and the 10-30mm lens it comes with weighs 85 grams, totaling 409 grams, including memory card and battery. The Fuji XE1 weighs 630 grams without its battery or memory card. That is a BIG difference. It also produces images that are 16 megapixels, compared to the V3 images which are 18 megapixels. It also does not have a flip-out touch screen for focusing (and optionally shooting) by touching where you want to focus. Continuous shooting sped is up to 3 frames per second.

It also has a sensor that's over 3 times the area of the V3, with about 2 stops more dynamic range.

Everyone wants what they want. I can't fault you for this, but understand what you are going to be getting, before you go making a switch. The two cameras really don't compare. The Fuji does not have the advantages of the small sensor that the Nikon has, because it is an APS-C sensor camera. It probably has a significant advantage when shooting in low light at ISO 800 and above, but if you find yourself using high ISO settings like that a lot of the time you are not a candidate for shooting with a 1" sensor anyway. I shoot at ISO 100 most of the time, so I AM a candidate for the Nikon 1 system.

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