A few musings (disagreements) on the X-T1 Review

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Ray Sachs
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Re: Weak little kids and poor QC...

LaFonte wrote:

I think they were tinkering with those issues as we go, since my t1 I received very recently doesn't have spongy buttons nor extremely stiff ev. (it is stiffer than on x100s, but not extremely). Also I don't have light leak neither.

As with the light leak, I think they are adjusting those things very rapidly in factory as soon as they heard about them.

As it happens, I just got mine back from Fuji today for the light leak repair. The rear buttons don't feel any better, at least the ones around the 4-way controller which were the real problems. The EV comp has been loosened slightly - I CAN turn it with my thumb now, but it's still way too stiff to turn with any level of precision. By the time I exert enough force to make it move, it's as likely to jump 3-4 clicks as my intended single click. Hopefully it'll loosen up a bit more with use...

It's just kind of the chance you take when you buy from the earliest production run of a given piece of gear...

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