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Just saw Henrys advertise Fuji XE1 with 18-55 f 2.8-4 for $800. This would be a really tempting upgrade for me if I was in the market as opposed to V3.

This assumes you don't have Nikon lenses that you want to use on your new camera. Nikon is depending on people who think of Nikon as the best camera and lens company and photographers who are already have an investment in Nikon lenses that they like, such as the 16-85mm VR, 85mm f1.4, 18-200mm f3.5-5.6 VR II, or 70-200mm f2.8 VR, etc. Any of those lenses would make a great companion (using the FT-1 adapter) to the V3 and its included 10-30mm lens. For example, a photographer who shoots with a D7000 and an 18-200mm f3.5-5.6 VR II would be able to use their new camera for wide-angle shooting with their 10-30mm lens, and they would get super fast performance at a slightly higher pixel count. Then the photographer might go to a baseball game and find they want to zoom in on their kid, but the D7000 doesn't quite give them the close shots they want. The could pull out their FT-1 adapter and move their 18-200 lens from their big camera to their fast little camera with the 2.7 crop factor and shoot away, getting the shots they want. The new camera would not only be a good back-up camera, but it would also give an advantage for shooting at longer distances. Imagine how that lens would perform for shooting sparrows?

You are right. I am not tied into Nikon. I just have the V1 kit and 30-110. Was tempted to buy a a prime or two but now seeing the direction Nikon executives are taking with the N1 after the V3, J4 announcements I have changed my mind. With two more years left to depreciate the current kit. Fuji looks more and more like a viable alternative.

The Nikon V3 weighs 324 grams, and the 10-30mm lens it comes with weighs 85 grams, totaling 409 grams, including memory card and battery. The Fuji XE1 weighs 630 grams without its battery or memory card. That is a BIG difference. It also produces images that are 16 megapixels, compared to the V3 images which are 18 megapixels. It also does not have a flip-out touch screen for focusing (and optionally shooting) by touching where you want to focus. Continuous shooting sped is up to 3 frames per second.

Everyone wants what they want. I can't fault you for this, but understand what you are going to be getting, before you go making a switch. The two cameras really don't compare. The Fuji does not have the advantages of the small sensor that the Nikon has, because it is an APS-C sensor camera. It probably has a significant advantage when shooting in low light at ISO 800 and above, but if you find yourself using high ISO settings like that a lot of the time you are not a candidate for shooting with a 1" sensor anyway. I shoot at ISO 100 most of the time, so I AM a candidate for the Nikon 1 system.

I'm planning to buy into it, because I like the added depth of field and the incredibly fast shooting speeds. I also like the idea of its low weight and 2.7 crop factor, which will allow me to use a compact long lens to shoot stuff far away, the equivalent of which I couldn't afford or carry, if I were shooting with a full-frame or even an APS-C sensor. The 500mm f4.5 Sigma lens is huge! With the Nikon 1 system I can get a 70-300mm f5.6 VR and have almost the same image quality in a lens that weighs just a little more than a good 50mm lens and costs less than quarter of the price of the huge Sigma 500mm. THAT is AWESOME!

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