Using Photos of Strangers?

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Re: Using Photos of Strangers?

It seems we are a little more open in our treatment of photography, at least here in N.Z. and Australia.

Basically you can do whatever you like with your images provided you:

  • A  Own the copyright
  • B  Haven't demeaned or defamed the individual(s) as per Human Right & Privacy legislation
  • C Seek the permission of the parents if children are under 18 years of age ( voluntary but should be done to protect childrens privacy )
  • D  Don't use the images to endorse a product or service without consent.

There is more which has been covered in our local NZ D-Photo Forums here

Essentially you are free to take photos of whatever and wherever you like so long as it is deemed a public place.

Given the plethora of social media and image sharing sites, we are living in a more "Photographed World " than ever before. I think the main thing that authorities will need to concentrate on is Malicious Intent . That being the area where a good deal of harm is done. For example rabid Paparazzi style stalking. We don't generally suffer from this malaise here in NZ although with the recent Royals Tour we did get a brief taste of this.

Photography that is for unsavory usage, child pornography, clandestine photos demeaning people when they may be at the lowest point is another example.

As photographers we need to exercise a certain level of moral judgement, more-so with street photography which really is the recording of human life. Images may need to be considered carefully as to their final intent ( example: a street scene showing  individual(s) perhaps in less the savory situations ) could be used in a number of ways to highlight certain perils or just as a commercial photograph with little thought to how it is perceived, or as an example of fine art.

Is this malicious or exploitative or merely informative? This is where the moral judgement of the photographer comes in.

For the most part the rest of the world is happy taking all sorts of images of all sorts of people doing all sorts of crazy things and showing them to the world at large, with little thought other than to document having a good time with other people and places traveled.

Its a brave new world

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