The Past "Photography" the Future "Imagery" Not for ME!

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But reality is so boring!

Photography is more enjoyable to view when it's enhanced in some way. After all, we're trying to take a moment filled emotion and perceived in 3D through all the senses and condense it into an 11x17, 2 dimensional format. And it doesn't smell. The composition and choice of exposure etc. all serve to express this drama as we felt it, not just saw it.

fcheh wrote:

Just food for thought in the good old days we had Photography: Are we at the Tipping Point of "Imagery" where we PS the F* out of the image and call it Photography? I would love to start a forum just for "What I Saw is What You Get" no post processing allowed, not even cropping just natural the way it happened pictures!

Then you're not talking about normal photography practice that has occurred in the past 100 years.

- Lenses alter everything unless they're "normal"

- We've always dodged, burned, polarized, used subject isolation or extreme DOF or push/pull exposures, and on and on. It happened in film, it happens now. Only a small amount of what we do today is different (HDR for example). Film was always different - every film altered reality in some way.

- What about flash? That's quite artificial

One reason why I love a great zoom lens is you crop as you go, you compose then shoot.

But that's NOT what you saw. It's what you zoomed in on.

Primes are great BUT they give you the SAME point of view as everyone else using them.

? Same with zooms.

Think of the days when each and every shot cost MONEY and was composed, waiting for the light, several takes then the lightbox, sorting for the best.

We blew through film like crazy - one roll often yielded zero good results. I'm not sure what era you remember. Civil War? I can assure you, I still compose with digital.

2014 and we have "BURST" shoot the S* out of something and hope something good comes of it and by the time we sit down and view 400 shots of nothing we forgot what we were trying to capture.

Yes, and the number of keepers has gone way up!

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