Pentax be or not to be?

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Re: Pentax be or not to be?

alvin kc wrote:

Hi Charis,

I currently own a K30 and I think performance-wise its similar to D5200 and 650D (though I think K 30 is better). However, if there is a $350+ difference, then I think either the Nikon or Canon would be attractive. You could use the saving to get a good lens and a good lens makes quite a difference. Just a thought.


Yeah thats a thought that had me spend some sleepless nights. The D5200 was more or less the same price, but also had an AFS 55-200 lens along with the standard 18-55 kit lens.

I also read DXO marks rating of the D5200, and the stats, and the IMATEST scores on techradar, but when I looked at the pictures posted by users online, in Flickr and other sites for example, the K30 images seemed much better.

So logical or not, went ahead and made the plunge.


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