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Thanks to all the advice. now im in a position to get a loaded d700 or a d600 with a grip and a replaced shutter. One last time, money being equal i like the big clean files of the d600 but would the af be dissapointing? I need first hand advice from users, I have read everything there is out there to read and the af seems to be the only thing that might be frustrating. im used to the af in my 2 series pros and dont want to go backwards from them.

I've had both the D3 and D700. I still have the D700 as a buddy made me an offer I couldn't pass up on the D3. The AF was nearly identical for what I shot. I mainly shoot indoor grade school and high school basketball games, indoor winter swim meets, and Little League summer baseball and football games at night. The d700 works superbly. One note, however, is that I mainly am a "prime" shooter. So for me, "fast" begins at f/2.8 as that is my slowest lens. I use a lot of f/1.4 and f/1.8 lenses. Not sure if that would matter to how well the AF on the D700 (or D3 for that matter) worked, but I was never disappointed with the gear. If I had a bad shot, I could usually tell it was me, not the equipment. Good luck in your purchase.

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