Range of Converters for X100/X100S now complete?

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Re: Range of Converters for X100/X100S now complete?

jwmars wrote:

My X100 is perfect as it is in my opinion. Having a fixed lens only might seem limiting to many but is very liberating to me. To me the introduction of the two converters available now is a clear sign that the X100 series will be continued for some time (at least the lens used) to come.

I have considered buying the wide converter after seeing an impressive photo-report made with x100 with converter by a Dutch photographer who travelled on one of these feeble boats with dozens of people fleeing afganisatan, Irak etc towards Australia. Recently I even was in my favourite camera store, just passing buy and ready to do an impulse purchase which I normally never do, where the wide converter was out of stock. But in the end I decided that I have no real use for the 28mm angle. I even have more se for a 28 then a 50mm converter.

That said: Since starting with photography I have been eyeing OVF rigs with 35 / 80 mm combo's which is ages ago. I would certainly see myself buying a 80mm converter for portraits and other small tele uses (theartre, performances, street etc).

Would it be possible to create such a converter? How would that work with the x100 OVF? Would it b even larger then the 50mm version just released? Does anybody believe such a converter is already in the works? just curious.


Can you share a link to the photo report by the Dutch photographer that you mentioned? I'd be interested to see it.

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