Thom finally resurfaces, with comments sure to be controversial, at least here ...

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Thom who? WRONG!!!

Just a Photographer wrote:

Wasn't that the person who put lie upon lie and untruth on untruth to finally say that the AF of the X-T1 was unusable? The person who said this camera couldn't focus, but that his Oly was his perfect partner.

You've got your names bass-ackwards. You're talking about Tony, NOT Thom. You also seem to be unable or unwilling to distinguish between being wrong/mistaken (and willing to admit it) and lying.


The person who could not even attach the strap to his camera?

The one that called the 60mm Macro lens the portrait lens?

And yet many current forum members are saying that they're buying the 60mm macro lens in part because it makes for a relatively decent portrait lens. Extremely shallow DOF isn't always needed, especially for non-pros that want to keep their kit cost effective, and a portrait lens doesn't need to have exceptionally fast AF, so the slow 60 squeaks by ...


The expert that doesn't read the manual?

Not even worth mentioning this guy anymore.

But you did and will probably continue to do so, not giving him (Tony, not Thom) any credit for listening to this forum's complaints and redoing his video review, which while not perfect, was a much more credible review than the first one. I'm familiar with your opinions, opinions which are far from unique in this forum, and that's why the thread title ended with "sure to be controversial, at least here ..."

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