IRAN, as seen with E-M5 Dramatic Tone and Monotone (IMGS)

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Re: Outstanding! (not toooooo much credit...)

RoelHendrickx wrote:

Great Bustard said:

Nicely seen, captured, and processed!

Thank you, Joe.

The seeing, composing and capturing : I will gladly take credit for that.

The processing is half the camera's work...

As I explained : these form the first selection because I already gave them a quick and dirty B&W treatment while still in Iran, but using in-camera RAW processing to JPG. At home, there was just minor further tweaking. Crude job, but enough to get an idea on the road of what a real B&W conversion might get to look like.

Whether you processed the photos in-camera or in post, whether you used canned processing or did each little tweak manually, you did decide the processing.  So, please feel free to take credit on the processing -- at least, take credit for choosing the processing you did.

After all, if the processing didn't work for the photos, I'd probably have not responded or been so kind in my remarks. 

Fair enough.
Thanks again.
Roel Hendrickx

lots of images:
my Olympus user field report from Tunisian Sahara:

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