Thom finally resurfaces, with comments sure to be controversial, at least here ...

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Re: OK, "sure to be controversial" doesn't seem to have panned out. That's a good sign.

photoreddi wrote:

Dorkington wrote:

photoreddi wrote:

Lyle From Canada wrote:

Not sure anything he said here is controversial at all. Seems pretty true across the board.

I agree, but if you look at forum comments made a month or two ago, reasonable comments such as Thom made would have been savagely attacked by a few, and highly criticized by some of the more moderate Fuji fans. People were routinely saying that the X-T1 had the fastest AF performance, not adding Fuji's caveat that it required using one exceptionally wide angle lens. Tony Northrup's initial mistakes didn't win him many fans, but when he revised his video review, he was still tarred and feathered because there were an lot of owners claiming that their X-T1s has excellent AF tracking performance. In fact it was far from excellent but the examples given just showed that the X-T1's tracking could get the job done if the subjects that it had to track didn't present challenges. One that I recall was of a toddler taking a few steps, another was of movement across the frame, not away from or coming closer to the camera. Hardly the same as a sprinter or a motorcycle racing towards the camera.

Some forum members recognized this, but they were in the great minority at the time. I guess that the initial overly defensive posture has become more reasonable, helped in great part by the sage comments from several respected forum members, notably Ray Sachs. At least that's what I see based on the first several replies in this thread.

Not true.

People were critical of commentary by such "experts" as Tony Northrup who said the X-T1 couldn't focus at all, period. Every other level headed person knows that marketing is marketing and recognized that the X-T1 is improved, but 'the best' it probably isn't.

Did he say this in the initial video or in the revised video, after he made changes to menu options recommended in forum replies? In the second video (IIRC) the X-T1's AF tracking performance improved considerably, attaining a much better hit rate than before, and surpassing one of the other tested cameras. That's NOT consistent with saying "the X-T1 couldn't focus at all, period." The rest of what you say I agree with, not just now but a month or two ago when I pretty much said the same thing. But that wasn't the forum consensus at the time.

Said it in the first video. Then he got reamed for it, and he made a second. He still harped on the 60mm "portrait" lens being slow. All while showing on the screen the lens being marketed as a macro lens, heh.

It just depends on the language used. Some reviews get really loose with terminology, and set up cameras for failure (I assume to get hits). Others (like Thom's) are level headed and very fair.

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