XS1 NewSettings, New sooc pics..C/C

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Dane ...

DANE7 wrote:

Soon enough I will go back to post processing my images, for now I will try to get the best images I

can get from the XS1 without destroying them with my poor P/P techniques or lack of !

The noise on my photos could also be corrected in P/P ...right?

... The answer is yes. Dependent upon what editor you have, and also what techniques you use.

Just by way of example, I downloaded your image and masked the sky. Then I used Blur/Average in Photoshop to smooth out the sky noise. Next, I inverted the selection to sharpen, other than sky. This way, you reduce noise but also get an overall sharper image.

See below.

By the way, it's best to keep on the path you're on and get SOOC images you are happy with.

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Cheers, Dave

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