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Minimum focus distance and focal length

Petroglyph wrote:

I just read the minimum focus distance is nearly 5 feet at the 200mm end and it varies by focal length? Most other 70-200s I've seen have a constant minimum. e.g., Canon 70-200 f/4 L IS is about 45 inches regardless of focal length. It gave me pause on a 1500$ lens I'll just say that. Anyone else notice (or care).


Just remember that even Canon/Nikon are not their specified focal length at minimum focus distance. The same is true with the FE. Important spec is maximum magnification, not minimum focus distance.

It seems odd that Sony is so low given modest min focus distance, must have really bad focus breathing (half the magnification of the other f/4 lenses). There could be a spec error in the max magnification for the other lenses too. They almost appear to be calculated for 200mm focal length, but those lenses have focus breathing and aren't really 200mm at MFD.

I am almost sure there is a spec error for the Canon's and Nikon's, I think they are using 200mm focal length and calculating magnification, which is invalid since that focal length is not valid over all focal distance.  I say that because Thom measures the actual focal length of the VRII at 200mm and 1.4 m focal distance to be 135mm.  Calculating the magnification I get about 0.1, not anywhere near the specified .25, and worse than the Sony at .13 (which appears to be an accurate measurement since it is nowhere near the similar MFD VRII spec).

Max Magnification of lenses (by manufacturer):

Sony: 0.13

Canon f/2.8II: 0.16

Canon f/4: 0.26

Nikon f/2.8II: 0.25

Nikon f/4: 0.274


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