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Re: V3 vs V1

Scottelly wrote:

I think you forgot about the improved viewfinder.

Now . . . compare all those upgrades to the differences between the Nikon D200 and D300 bodies.

Hmmm . . . but THAT was considered an upgrade people thought was worthwhile.

Besides, did you forget that the V3 can shoot full resolution photos at 60 fps? That alone is worth the upgrade for some people. Add the fact that the resolution is almost doubled (in total number of pixels) AND the anti-aliasing filter is removed, and you get a no-brainer decision.

Now add the fact that the newer camera is probably faster in EVERY way . . . with a faster memory card slot, which can take advantage of the fastest new UHS-1 memory cards.

And BTW, the fact that the screen tilts is SO important for many people (like me) that just that one feature makes the new camera worth getting. All the extra features, like Wi-Fi and other stuff are just icing on the cake, even if you don't care about the increase in resolution.

Imagine what people would have been saying if Nikon had introduced a D400 last year, before they introduced the D7100 with its 24 megapixel sensor, and it shot at 18 MP with no anti-aliasing filter? Everyone with a D300 or D300s would have been clamoring to get one.

Now, after thinking of ALL those things, is it worthwhile upgrade? If you don't care about speed the extra functionality of having a fold-out screen, or image quality, then NO it isn't worthwhile. If you DO care about those things, then it IS worthwhile . . . and you get all the other extras, like wi-fi and higher ISO (mostly for shooting video), and a better viewfinder as EXTRAS that you really didn't need, but you get them anyway . . . because you're getting the newest, latest, fastest, coolest, most betterous model.

Its 100% true.  Japanese have an insatiable demand for new gadgets and most them never make it to the export market.

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