Anybody Like Windows 8.1?

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Re: Anybody Like Windows 8.1?

Mickey67 wrote:

On the plus side, i used the touch screen for the first time, handy for scrolling through long documents.

On the negatice side Outllok Search Service is indexing my email from scratch AGAIN due to it crashing, only 313558 items remaining it may take a couple of days, in the mean time I cannot search any email.

I am using Classic Shell and it is excellent!

Now if I can just stop those stupid "Charms" from popping up on the screen whenever I try to click the scrollbar on the right side of maximised window I will be a lot less stressed

(Believe that this is coming in the next update :))

It's already here.  Right click on the task bar, choose Properties, go to Navigation, uncheck "When I point to the Upper-Right corner, show the charms".

In fact, there are many other options in this menu that make Classic Shell almost irrelevant, unless you REALLY want that archaic Start Menu.

I am also a Mac user, and when I compare my Retina Macbook with the XPS.

The Mac Wins on:

Reliability, less crashes

This I wonder about.  I haven't had a Windows system crash since is started using Windows 7.  8 has been just as stable for me.

Much better touch pad in terms of feel and responsiveness.

Btter integration between hardware and software. (The DEll has a bunch of software from the manufacturers of its component parts and they don't always work well togther)

Build Quality

THe DELL Wins on:

Compatibility with PC Office Documents

The Mac was about the same price as the Dell as well which was a shock!!



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