What should I sell? 5D II or 7D. I have the 5DIII

Started Apr 15, 2014 | Questions thread
fishy wishy
fishy wishy Senior Member • Posts: 7,166
Re: What should I sell? 5D II or 7D. I have the 5DIII

riknash wrote:

I still say we should have a vote and he must do whatever the outcome is. Otherwise he really needs to decide what's best for himself. I do like the idea of selling both but I'd recommend a 1dmk iv instead to address all those other undisclosed uses he would have.

I think it's "odd" that OP wouldn't already know the answer himself. It depends if he needs a like-for-like backup. Seems to me that without long telephotos in his bag he doesn't need a crop sensor. Also: the 7D has not been superseded yet and can get a higher proportion of its new price than the 5D II, which has indeed been superseded.

Nonetheless, in his situation I would be eyeing up a 1DS III instead. It does not have the lowest noise performance but it still has the quality.

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