What are quirks and strengths of the K5ii?

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Re: K5ii?...slow review

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Yes i'm having the same issue. I haven't bothered even looking into the menu, so could be just a simple push of a button,will check it out when home. Your getting instant response from the K7?

Also, you tether it up to a TV screen? just using the cables, your getting an instant idea of how your shots are looking? interesting...........

their are only a few cameras that can stream hdmi out. the k7 is faultless and fast.

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Pentax K7, Panasonic fz150, Olympus XZ1, my main toys.

Yeah except for IQ and AF that was already mediocre for it's time and shutter shock @ ~1/100s, I guess you consider them features

To OP - I went from K5 (and K7, K20, K100 before that) to EM5 & D800.  K5 IQ (RAW) is phenomenal, and there are many great lenses optically.  Most strong points have already been touched on or you're aware of.  I think review time is only an issue with slow cards or fast cards with in camera lens corrections enabled.  Buffer depth is very good IMO and review time is good with corrections disabled.

A couple of standout things that sold me on the EM5 (my first and only Olympus):

- Exceptional AF (single shot) speed and accuracy with fast primes.  Eye Detect AF/Face detect is remarkable for portraits.  Awesome for fidgety kids

- Bounce flash performance that is exceptionally accurate unlike the K5 which I use a lot and love on the Olympus.  $250-300 gets you a really nice full featured flash with built in LED for video.  Bad on the K5 (but fixed on the K3 apparently)

- Incredible stabilization - good on the K5 but noticeably better on the EM5, much more apparent on account of mirrorless where everything you see is stabilized.

- Excellent JPEG skin tones and color in general, I think personally at the expense of some detail but still more than good enough for high res screens.  RAW files are noticeably better on the K5 though as good as the EM5 is.  My D800 is no better than my K5 with of course the exception of ~double the resolution.

Ergonomics on the K5 blow the EM5 away though as I'm sure you know, the only other camera I've found that feels as good is the D800.

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