IRAN, as seen with E-M5 Dramatic Tone and Monotone (IMGS)

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Re: on the mountains shot and why I won't change it

RoelHendrickx wrote:

Isca wrote:

Great shots, particularly liked numbers 1, 5 and 6 but can't help but wondering if 5 would be better with those cables cloned out and then the shot cropped just above the foreground trees, the mountains and light there are magnificent!

I understand what you are saying.

And if I had set out to shoot a landscape carefully, from a well chosen position and on tripod maybe, I would have taken more care to avoid such distractions.

But for me this shot is as much about the drive as it is about the landscape.

Driving from Yazd to Isfahan around sunset, the light became more and more interesting and the landscape more and more abstract.

I saw these layers of mountains upon mountains and just shot it from the moving car, through the dirty windshield. A reminder of beauty rushing by. A fleeting glimpse with all its imperfections.

So I am not going to change anything more about it, because it must remain an image of the moment as much as an image of the subject.

Does that make any sense.

Love all these but really love 4 and 5. With 5, I understand your reasoning for leaving intact. But I also would love to see a version with the foreground cropped out to right below the tree line. It reminds me of an old Chinese landscape watercolor. The sense of depth is fantastic.

Fantastic work all around Roel! Truly an inspiring collection and a view into a country and world most of us will not get to visit.

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