Protective filter… or not? I say beware of filter quality.

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Re: A fundamental issue...

Michel J wrote:

First of all, thanks a lot for sharing this!

Now a fundamental issue, not about front filter nor front lens, but concerning the groups of lenses themselves, inside. Few weeks ago I makes some testing with old Minolta lenses and get cottony rendering, mostly called "lenses haze".

In respond to your thread, I am wondering if maybe that is not one of the major concerns for these oldies lenses we like (near 30 years old lenses such as: SH, BC, BBC and so on). Here the question: does a very small amount of powder of dust can penetrate inside and are deposited on both sides of the lenses over time, and can give rise to specific concerns (lenses haze?) due to their potential to accumulate and to the unpredictability of the effects of such accumulation in the long term.

So, do we need to take care of this small amount of dust inside, or mostly these lenses are virtually "maintenance-free" and do not need servicing to remove this tad of deposition for literally decades?

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Michel J
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When I examine the lens I don't see significant material of any kind inside the lens. I can see the odd little spec of dust somewhere, but nothing that would affect so much of the image as shown in my photos. I tried hard to look for a filminess of sorts inside, but to me it looks very clean and clear in that regard. Also, while this lens is old, I have to admit that it did not get used all that much over those many years, so it was capped at both ends for most of its life. And over the past 10 years it certainly wasn't used because that's when I moved to digital point & shoot (boy, was that expensive considering what $800 buys you today!!).

Enough people have confirmed to me that filter/lens interaction can be quite specific, with certain lenses being more susceptible to degradation. And I know my filter is not overly expensive.

It will be a few weeks before I can get to more detailed testing of filter/lens interactions, but I do want to check out a few other combinations to at least resolve how I should handle my equipment -- to shoot with or without a filter on specific lenses. I will worry less about possible damage and aim for good clear photos. In 50 years of photography I have never damaged any equipment (so, yes, statistically I am due for the big one :-D) and I am willing to take that chance now.


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