personal first impressions.

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Otto Van De Steene New Member • Posts: 7
personal first impressions.

I just have a non beta version arrived. However I am generally highly impresses with the size compactness and image quality of this camera I would like to comment on a few little things.

1) I hate the app system for WIFI remote control. why not just selecting wifi on in the menu and the smartphone can start to control. Why not getting rid

2) The wifi control app has only ultra basic control. No manual exposure or video control. Hope this can be fixed soon over software updates. I was hoping to especially use this a lot for video purposes :-/

3) It makes quite a shutter noise when picture taking

4) When I switch the camera from pal to ntsc mode the camera always starts up with a warning that it is set in ntsc. Huge delay :-/ - the little lanyard hooks actually rattle a bit, metal on metal is not that discreet. I will try to make a solution to this myself I think...

5) the charging over usb is only at 0.5A according to the charging block. Really slow. Compare this to the 2.4A of a modern smartphone recharging over micro USB... Still have to test if it would go faster with smartphone cable/block.

6) peaking goes only for vertical lines in focus, almost not for horizontal ones...
What do you chaps think of this?

7) there could have been a bigger lcd screen in it. Why have a protaction plate this big and than a smaller LCD behind? I see this with a lot of camera's though...

8) would like to be able to customize the Fn-button to one function, not that fracking menu.

9) however there is MR in the mode dial I don't like this ay of getting custom settings. Better have a C1, C2 and C3. Get rid of the movie modus as you can start recording from any mode. I would also don't like the panorama modus as a serious photographer would stitch in post. Maybe this function should have been concealed to the app download store...

10) live view image is smoother when in movie mode compared to any other mode. This doesn't makes sense...

Sony Alpha a6000
24 megapixels • 3 screen • APS-C sensor
Announced: Feb 12, 2014
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