What are quirks and strengths of the K5ii?

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Re: What are quirks and strengths of the K5ii?

howieb101 wrote:

I doubt you'll miss the Oly dustbuster as the one in the K5 is one of the best. My old K10 and K20 were dust magnets but the K5 dust removal really is great and underappreciated in reviews and the like.

That's howie,

The dust buster in Olympus has been sorted since 2004. Never had a dust spot and I change lenses without any special consideration. Once I did change lenses on a moving train traveling through a blooming cherry orchard and forgot to turn my camera off. Several pictures were covered with spots until I turned the camera off again then back on. Glad to hear that Pentax has also paid attention to this detail. Canon and Nikon seem to have an attitude that "If we say it's not a problem, we are the best, so it's not a problem. Have your camera professionally cleaned once a month."  

The biggest drawback of the K5 and K5 II is slow review time to check your photos. The K5 and K5 II will achieve the quoted buffer and frame rates its just that reviewing can take a while.

Interesting. I've not heard this. I'm using a Standisk Extreme with my E-3 with no issues. Review on the E-M1 is no problem. Both have good buffers. (Buffer is one reason I think Nikon is feature stripping on their D7100).

So if you turn on max fps and fill the buffer, how long does it take before review? Just out of curiosity, how much of an issue is this?

Tracking AF might be inferior but against a mirrorless Olympus it probably stacks up quite well and may well be better.

Probably better than mirrorless, though the E-M1 is a leap forward here. I do wonder how it stacks up against the E-3. I hear Nikon and Canon are amazing here, but I don't really have enough experience to tell. I'd like to put a D300s or 7D through the paces for tracking moving subjects. If the K5ii is better than my E-3 then bonus, but if it's worse... then it makes the decision against moving to the most recent mirrorless more difficult. Theh E-M1 really good at so many things, but it would be a larger adjustment for me than buying a pretty similar DSLR.

Pluses would be:

  1. optical viewfinder (which also helps if taking action shots);
  2. great ergonomics;
  3. top lcd plate (at least for me);
  4. Superb dynamic range;
  5. Great hi-iso;
  6. Battery grip option;
  7. Most likely better battery life;
  8. Amazing ability to pull shadows from raw files!!! Really quite incredible.
  9. Great friendly forum (Pentax Forums, that is)

Only 4 & 5 is what I gain over the E-3. That's why Pentax is so interesting to me--many of the same priorities are checked. I do lose tilt swivel LCD and Zuiko lenses which are cheap as dirt right now.



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