What are quirks and strengths of the K5ii?

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Re: What are quirks and strengths of the K5ii?

Model Mike wrote:

SirSeth wrote:

Hi all, I'm test driving an E-M1 but my main camera is an Olympus E-3. I'm not sure if mirrorless is my main squeeze but it will always be the best sidekick. Since Olympus gives me nowhere to go in DSLRs I've been thinking about a K5ii + Sigma 18-35mm f1.8 as one option.

Here's my take based on the way I use it (I shoot RAW and process in Lightroom so can't comment on JPEG performance).

Pro's (compared with other competitor dSLRs)

  • Ergonomics
  • Battery life
  • Option of pancake prime lenses if you want to travel light
  • Weather sealed


  • Continuous AF not up to the mark
  • Unpredictable bounced flash with external flash units. Fixed on K-3.

What would I miss? What would I gain?

Haven't handled the E-3 so can't comment. But the K-5II (and IIs) are very well sorted, reliable cameras.

Greetings Mike,

Thanks for the feedback. I also primarily shoot RAW and process in LR, so JPGs are not a make or break issue for me. Of the things you mentioned compared with other DSLRs, Olympus shares a lot of the strengths of Pentax (that's why I'm looking). Only Pentax and Olympus really seals crop sensor cameras. When I bought my E-1 it was the only sealed option other than $4000+ Nikon Pro or Canon 1 series. This was a major buying decision. Then Pentax really began to offer a second option. Olympus also has an excellent enthusiast and pro weather sealed lens line which is why I have stayed with them so long. Ergonomics are fantastic with both (I've compared against the K5 in store). Battery life are good with both and I have vertical grip with my E-1. Both E-3/5 and K5ii have a 100% quality VF, which is important to me.

Olympus is also not a top contender for AF tracking. Nikon and Canon have the edge there. Neither Pentax or Olympus really has nailed the video. The E-M1 and GH1 are pretty advanced compared with any DSLR I've used though.

So I'm pretty much looking at Pentax for similar pros and cons I originally bought into Olympus for but now as a way forward because of the sensor inside. The lenses I've giving up are pretty hard to match imo, so there is some loss as well as gain. Just trying to figure out if it's worth it.



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