Move on from the M9 or not?

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Move on from the M9 or not?

Hi all,

I've had the Leica M9 since 2011 and have to admit I don't use it much. I've been shooting Leicas since the M6 and still have the M7 but I've also been shooting DSLRs (currently D800E). I think I've been spoilt by my D800E that especially in the area low-light use and more accurate AWB.

I think I don't use my M9 much mainly due to those two specific points that it's a stark contrast to the D800E. As such I've been thinking of moving to the M240, but I've been reading quite a few reports of M9->M240 users disappointed with the CMOS results. I'll be honest that 18MP vs 24MP doesn't bother me and I'm hoping that the overall usability experience will encourage me to pick up the Leica more.

Having said that, more recently it seems Leica isn't the only player in the mirrorless full frame game anymore (as such the subject being "moving on from M9" rather than "Upgrade M9 to M240?" - as I've read countless articles about that).

So here come the questions :-

1) Has anyone who upgraded from the M9 to the M240 and actually regretting it rather than just "disappointed" (but can still live with the M240)?

2) Should I be looking at any other options such as the A7R (despite it's idiosyncratic UI)? I read that it's AWB is also way off

3) Or no mirrorless FF upgrade will get me to the satisfaction of the D800E in terms of usability that I may as well just stick to the M9?

As mentioned above, 18MP vs 24MP doesn't bother me. And at least on sample computer photos, CCD vs CMOS doesn't bother me much either unless the sample photos on the net are too post-processed to make them indistinguishable (note I'm not a PP kind a chap). I'm just looking something where I don't have the bulk of a DSLR D800E but still full frame and still usable in low light and dependable AWB.


P.S. [Side note] I miss the days where Provia was Provia, Velvia was Velvia - colour filters were, colour filters. AWB has (despite 15 yrs of digital camera use) still thrown me off.

Leica M Typ 240 Leica M9 Nikon D800E Sony Alpha a7R
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