A few musings (disagreements) on the X-T1 Review

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We can only review the cameras we have

Birddogman wrote:

One of the listed "cons" is the spongy nature of the four-way controller buttons. My first XT1 (SN: 27XX) had a light leak and spongy, deeply set buttons. My replacement XT1 (SN: 81XX) has no light leak and a noticeably better feel to the buttons. Neither the light leak, nor the cure of that problem which, for me at least, included better buttons, were mentioned in the review at all. I find that strange.

We've used several X-T1s, and all had spongey rear buttons. If Fujifilm is now shipping cameras with improvements, that's great. Crucially, though, we have neither seen such cameras, nor been informed about them by Fujifilm (remember we tend to get early-production cameras). At which point, we simply can't publish a review based on anecdotal evidence that we can't substantiate.

Another "con" is the fact that the ISO dial has a release button in the middle which must be pressed before it can be turned. To be fair, they did say that this might not bother some people due to their shooting style.

This is the whole point producing a review. We mention things that bother us, and we feel might influence potential buyers. We try to make these criticisms suitably nuanced, so that readers can decide for themselves if the points we've raised are relevant to them.

From my standpoint, that locking dial is a Good Thing, not a "con". I don't change ISO all that often and having that dial turn unintentionally would be a big problem, so I very much like Fuji's implementation and would not want it any other way.

I change ISO frequently so find Fujifilm's implementation irritating - personally I'd prefer to see an optional dial lock, as we've seen recently on Olympus, Panasonic and Pentax cameras.

Similarly, they list the stiffness of the exposure comp dial as a "con".

No, we don't.

I disagree completely... I can easily move the exposure comp dial on the XT1 with one finger, without taking the camera away from my eye and I'm no muscle bound weightlifter.

I'm pleased you can do that, but it's certainly not at all easy on the camera I reviewed.

They state that it takes two fingers to move that dial - well maybe if the operator is a weak little kid with tiny hands, but any adult with even reasonable hand strength should have no problem moving it with one finger.

Ah, ad hominem attacks; always a valid approach. Maybe Fujifilm has adjusted the dial stiffness too?(Not impossible, as I raised this issue before launch - the dial on the first pre-prod camera I handled was extremely stiff).

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