Decisions decisions (16-70 or the A6000)

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Re: Decisions decisions (16-70 or the A6000)

Tone Row wrote:

jtr27 wrote:

Are those the only two choices?

If you're looking at the 16-70 I'll assume you have $1000 to work with.

You can get the Sigma 60mm for $239.

You can get the Rokinon 12mm for $399.

So, two terrific primes for $638, substantially less than the price of a new 16-70.

Squirrel away the unspent ~$362 toward your next e-mount body for when your current body dies. And who knows, by then, you might get a new or lightly used A6000, at a substantial discount. Or a nice NEX-6 or 7 for even less.

Just offering a contrarian opinion, and of course, it is only an opinion.

Happy shooting!

I've definitely thought of that, but one of the things I am trying to capture with my NEX is the look I get with my larger A55 and older Minolta zooms. There's a look I get with them that I can't explain but I know it when I see it, and I just can't seem to capture that same look with primes on the NEX, so I thought I would give the Zeiss a shot since I see glimpses of that "look" when perusing photos taken with it.

When that is what you want then the best thing is to buy an adapter and use the old lenses, or, when you ave sold them, buy them cheap second hand.... Ypo won't get the same look with the A6000 and your existng E-mount lenses, and maybe not with your 5r and the Zeiss lens. Yes the reults will be great but maybe not the same. An adapter is not that expensive, so you could add the A6000 soon....

Good luck.

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