Range of Converters for X100/X100S now complete?

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Re: Range of Converters for X100/X100S now complete?

jwmars wrote:

My X100 is perfect as it is in my opinion. Having a fixed lens only might seem limiting to many but is very liberating to me. To me the introduction of the two converters available now is a clear sign that the X100 series will be continued for some time (at least the lens used) to come.

I have considered buying the wide converter after seeing an impressive photo-report made with x100 with converter by a Dutch photographer who travelled on one of these feeble boats with dozens of people fleeing afganisatan, Irak etc towards Australia. Recently I even was in my favourite camera store, just passing buy and ready to do an impulse purchase which I normally never do, where the wide converter was out of stock. But in the end I decided that I have no real use for the 28mm angle. I even have more se for a 28 then a 50mm converter.

That said: Since starting with photography I have been eyeing OVF rigs with 35 / 80 mm combo's which is ages ago. I would certainly see myself buying a 80mm converter for portraits and other small tele uses (theartre, performances, street etc).

Would it be possible to create such a converter? How would that work with the x100 OVF? Would it b even larger then the 50mm version just released? Does anybody believe such a converter is already in the works? just curious.


I doubt there will ever be wider or longer converters for the X100/s (much as I'd love a 24mm equivalent). It's not worth the R+D costs for Fuji to wrestle with the inevitable compromises in image quality and kit dimensions.

But I agree with you that the TCL is a positive sign that Fuji is strongly committed to the X100/s. A potential successor (let's not forget the X100S is over a year old now, and Fuji has made great strides in other areas of the hardware since releasing it) would almost certainly be able to use these converters, since it wouldn't be worth the R+D costs otherwise.

Long story short: I think the WCL+TCL completes the range of converters, and the TCL release shows Fuji is solidly behind the X100/s for at least another model iteration.

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