A few musings (disagreements) on the X-T1 Review

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Re: A few musings (disagreements) on the X-T1 Review

Birddogman wrote:

Another "con" is the fact that the ISO dial has a release button in the middle which must be pressed before it can be turned. To be fair, they did say that this might not bother some people due to their shooting style. From my standpoint, that locking dial is a Good Thing, not a "con". I don't change ISO all that often and having that dial turn unintentionally would be a big problem, so I very much like Fuji's implementation and would not want it any other way.

Given that there are much better solutions to the problem of accidental movements than a simple lock such as the one Fuji implemented, I'd still consider this a con. A lock of this kind is the least imaginative solution possible to a problem that shouldn't have existed in the first place had the dial been properly designed. Some dial designs on certain cameras never receive any complaint whatsoever, perhaps that's because they're doing something right with those. A few examples : the EP-5's mode dial or the Leica M's shutter speed dial. It usually is a combination of appropriate detent mechanism, appropriate diameter / height, partial sinking of the dial within the body, and avoiding protrusions from the main body where it's likely to pose a problem in a bag for example. Any way, even if a lock was deemed necessary, Pentax's solution on the K3 is a better idea.

Similarly, they list the stiffness of the exposure comp dial as a "con". I disagree completely. The exposure comp dial on the XP1 was too loose and was always getting moved unintentionally. That cost me quite a number of badly exposed shots, especially with the OVF. I can easily move the exposure comp dial on the XT1 with one finger, without taking the camera away from my eye and I'm no muscle bound weightlifter. They state that it takes two fingers to move that dial - well maybe if the operator is a weak little kid with tiny hands, but any adult with even reasonable hand strength should have no problem moving it with one finger.

As far as I'm concerned, I've never accidentally turned my X-pro 1's EV comp dial and neither did I have any issues turning the X-T1's EV comp dial with one finger, but I still find the overall design compromised on both cameras. First, I don't like its placement, it puts my thumb in an awkward position when operating it, and I always feel that it compromises the handling of the camera given he grip's design - I also believe its position makes people unable to fully use their "thumb power", perhaps that's why some complain the X-T1's dial is too stiff. Also, I don't understand why Fuji seems to hesitate between sinking the EV dial like on the rangefinder-like X series cameras and simply putting it on top of the body like on the X100s or X-T1 - especially since none of these solutions address the main reason for accidental turns on this design, i.e. the fact that the dial protrudes from the body on its top right corner (basically, Fuji's EV comp dial IS the corner of the body) - something demonstrated by Thumbs Up's solution for the X100s (although this makes the EV dial almost unusable then).

Then obviously there are all the issues related to the fact that it isn't a soft dial (for example the inability to quickly revert to 0 EV comp by pressing a Fn button or after a certain moment if set so), but that's more a design paradigm decision and I understand that some people prefer labelled dials.

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