Pentax be or not to be?

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Re: Pentax be or not to be?

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Really appreciate you all taking the time out! Thanks for the responses.....makes it easier for me.

I am aware that the K-50 is the successor to the K-30, but like the looks of the K30 better, although there are a couple of significant differences between the two, the K50 is priced much higher here.

This will be my first DSLR....not counting the hand me down D3100. I played around with it,but since I am graduating from P&S (I can hear some sniggers already! )

I need something more capable than what the D3100 offers. I do a lot of outdoor photography and features like focus peaking and exposure bracketing, apart from in camera  stabilization  and WR means much to me.

One thing that P&S has taught me is to extract the best, given the imitations of its  minuscule  sensor and basic function sets.

Look forward to interacting with you and sharing my pics for advice and suggestions on how to get the best out of this camera.

Just placed the order. Thanks again guys and really appreciate the inputs.


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