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Re: V3 vs V1

The Smoking Camera wrote:

Increased number of AF points.

For me that's the most interesting part. From what I've read the PDAF area now almost covers the whole frame instead of the centre section (like on the V1).

Built in wifi and remote capability.

That's the most disappointing feature, so poorly made that it almost hurts. The camera acting as a hotspot? How stupid is that?. I don't want to change the WiFi access point every time I want to move images from the camera to my smartphone. Why isn't it possible to connect the camera to my computer via WiFi and access the SD card just like a network attached storage? Has anybody at Nikon a clue what a computer is in the year 2014?

PSAM mode dial.

For some strange reasons people love PSAM dials, don't know why. Everybody is happy about that dial, so it's good to have it.

Programmable function buttons.

Nice. Finally a dedicated ISO button. I'm curious how changing ISO will work with that button. Will we just get the ISO menu or will we be able to change ISO without a change in the EVF (beside the ISO).

Built in flash.

In my opinion a completely useless thing - unless it acts as a commander, which it doesn't on the V3.

These are all nice improvements but worth the $$. I don't know.

No, the V3 is about $200 overpriced. Nikon likes to get the money of early adopters. Here in Germany the price will drop to reasonable levels in a few months, but from what I've read Nikon US doesn't allow such price drops. I get the impression that Nikon US is making a lot of errors that could be avoided.

And unfortunately, no indication low light performance has improved in any significant way. …

18 MP while keeping the same pixel level noise should result in cleaner images at final display size. Guess it won't take long until we see more test images.

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