Took a closer look at Lenstip Sigma Lens Designer Interview

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Re: Took a closer look at Lenstip Sigma Lens Designer Interview

leopold wrote:

Interesting interview.

Sigma also lunched a 24-105mm/4 that competes with Canon, also a very good lens. If i would be shooting FF i would probably go for the Sigma 24-105mm. Sigma really rocks now, i remember buying Sigma lenses back in the film days (1995 or so) because they were cheaper even if IQ was lower. But now they are not compromises but a true option to high quality glass.

Hey Leopold,

I noticed that 24-105/4 the other looked attractive to me too.  And you nailed it, Sigma has come a LOOOOONG way since I bought my first Sigma, a 135/3.5 used from a camera store in downtown San Luis Obispo.  I think it was about 1985 or so.  Loved that lens but it was not up to the Pentax glass.  As I recall used it was around $85(?) at the time.  I didn't care because it was my first tele of any sort and I shot the heck out of that thing.

Remember Sigma's old logo used the Greek "Sigma" character?  It looked sooooo cheesy to me but again I didn't care.  

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