Tamron Adaptall-2 on K5ii?

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Re: Tamron Adaptall-2 on K5ii?

KentG wrote:

You don't want the PK (actually called the KM adapter) because you would be treating your AD-2 lenses like they are M42 screw mount lenses or K and M K-mount lenses, mainly no electronic coupling. You lose electronic aperture control (same as Pentax A lenses) and all that entails. Only issue is that PK/A adapters go for over $100 on the used camera market. Back before I sold off my 400/4, 300/2.8, 180/2.5, 200-500/5.6 and smaller AD-2 lenses I had 4 PK/A adapters. Some were great and some had some wear (mainly in the locking pin hole). All worked although the worn ones required you to keep pressure on the lens coupling to keep the electronic pins aligned with the camera but that was all.

Hi Kent,

The Adaptall 2 P/KA adapters have come down quite a bit in the last year or two. You can find them now in the $60 to $75 range.

Contact forum member MightyMike from Canada. He has some for sale.


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