IRAN, as seen with E-M5 Dramatic Tone and Monotone (IMGS)

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Frank, very eloquent

FrankS009 wrote:

For me a number of things come together in these photographs, some of which you mentioned.

They represent the opportunity to travel in an exceptional location at a time when photography is an option and people can be friendly (I have travelled to interesting places when having a camera meant you were considered a spy), your interest in and skill as a photography (for a long time I did not want to spoil the moment when visiting a special place by stopping to photograph it), and that you had good equipment with you. All of these things you created, made to happen.

But more than these, your images express your experience to us and are not just abstract documents or post card photos. They are part of your life there, the opportunity to be there, technical flaws and all- as you pointed out with respect to the wires across the landscape as you photographed the mountains from the car.

(Technically, apart from the variety of images and focal lengths, perhaps the fisheye contributes to this sense of experience, I need to think about this a bit.)

All these things together give us the gift of your trip in a very pleasant way both aesthetically and emotionally.

Thanks for that sharing.


Thank you for an eloquent expression of what we aim for with travel photography.

Two thoughts:

* Fisheye or any extreme wideangle is (for me) ideal to create a feeling of immersion: the viewer gets pulled in so close that he is almost enveloped by the scene.

* I have seldom if ever experienced that photography spoils a moment. Sure, if you are talking without camera and then open a bag and pull out a big camera with big lens, it will change the situation.  But I almost always have the camera in my hand, playing around with it, so it does not change the atmosphere much when I bring it to my eye.  As for my personal experience (and this is valid also for things like rock concerts): people sometimes ask me if the camera does not get in the way of the "pure" experience (just listening and enjoying). Well, it doesn't, in fact just the opposite : being on the lookout for images kinda heightens all my senses. I am very focused and aware of everything (more than without camera).  For concerts, I listen to the music but also the rhythms and I pay attention to how the lights are synched etc.  For travel, I walk the streets and I don't see just the sights and the buildings, but also how the light traces changing shadows, how the clouds cast dark patches on the landscape, how moving people create geometric patterns on the streets between the buildings etc.  The experience is richer. (I am a bit more tired in the evening though, but sleep solves that...)

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