Fuji x10 6MP RAW DR400 EXR mode vs old 6MP DSLR

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Re: Real DR vs pseudo DR

Trevor G wrote:

photoreddi wrote:

The X20 has a newer, more modern, much improved sensor. Comparing the X10 to the X20 is not only foolish, it directly contradicts your claim about DR performance being primarily based on the sensor size. When the X10 was introduced there was no X20 to compare it to. But

There is an X20 now, and it is good at revealing dynamic range as the X10.

For the reasons that I mentioned. But if Fuji produced an new EXR sensor using the modern technology used for the X20's sensor, but without its X-Trans color filter array, its DR capability would have mopped the floor with the X20's DR capability. There was a real, valid point being made about comparing the X10's DR to any of its non-EXR peers. The only reason that you don't want to go there is because it weakens and worse, invalidates your assumptions.


the F200EXR and other EXR cameras existed, and they were widely recognized as have the ability to capture much wider DR images than other cameras with the same size sensors. Real DR that it, not the shifted tone curve DR techniques that Fuji, Nikon, Canon and most other cameras had been using for years.

Except that all DR "captured" in whatever way can only be applied to the ooc JPEGs through tone curve techniques. That's why the JPEG histogram doesn't match the equivalent's RAW highlights histogram.

Of course, but it's only you that talks about editing OOC JPEGs. I (and others) are talking about the JPEGs produced by the EXR camera's hardware based DR expansion, whose DR is NOT limited by the size of the sensor as you erroneously have claimed. Histograms are never based on RAW image data, they're always created from JPEGs, whether the JPEGs are produced in-camera or produced from a photo editor's memory image space after demosaicing the RAW into a memory space image that hasn't yet been saved to the memory card as a JPEG image file. In-camera histograms are notoriously conservative, indicating clipping way before it actually occurs, as photographers have noticed when they import JPEGs with supposedly blown highlights into their computer's photo editing software only to find that there's still a bit of headroom.


There is no such thing as "real DR" with EXR - it is no different to ISO amplification in the need to use tone curves to squeeze the available image data into the possible JPEG space.

In your dreams. It's clear that you're 100% back to your bogus EXR DR "party trick" theory.


Ultimately EXR Hardware is no better than EXR Software in squeezinging more dynamic range information into the available image space.

It's a waste of time even attempting to refute this nonsense. PM DPReview's camera review authors. Try to convince them that they're gullible and have fallen for Fuji's EXR DR "party trick".

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